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Why You Deserve a 365 Day Jewelry Return Policy

August 03, 2017

You’ve likely heard about the 365 day return policy we have at Atique but if you haven’t yet, spoiler alert, we have a 365 day return policy. And now you know.

Vintage Diamond Ring

It’s The Right Thing To Do

The idea of an extended return policy was non-negotiable when we founded Atique. It's one of the core principles of our business. There was a strong feeling that offering 365 days to make a return was the right thing to do. If we believe in our products and if we trust our customers (check and check), then why wouldn’t we give everyone 365 days to decide whether or not they really love a piece of vintage or antique jewelry?

You Deserve It

Aside from being the right thing to do, you deserve a year long return policy. There’s enough stress in your life. Did you remember to pay the mortgage this month? How are you going to get that presentation done by the end of the day? Why is your boss calling you at 7 pm? What are you going to make for dinner? Too. Much. Stress. “Did I remember to return that necklace?” That’s a question we don’t want to add to your list of stressful questions.

Stress Free

Don’t stress over deciding if you like something in 7 short days. Don’t stress over whether or not you made the return. Don’t stress over gifting jewelry (with a 365 day return policy, you’ve got a gift that keeps on giving.) Just don’t stress! We’ve got your back. We’re here to make the process simple, and dare I say, fun!

So buy a piece, try it on at home, and if you don’t love it, you’ve got 365 days to make the return. Get all the details about our 365 day return policy here.