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Music & Jewelry: Pairing Vintage Jewelry With Famous Melodies

July 14, 2017

Every era of jewelry design has a specific style. Think about the bold colors of the Art Deco Era or the enamel floral designs from the Art Nouveau period.

The same thing can be said about music. Musical styles have evolved over time and surprisingly, there are a lot of similarities between the jewelry people were wearing and the music they were listening to.


Georgian Era Music

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of a little-known guy, Ludwig van Beethoven, but he was a pretty big deal during the Georgian era, as was Beethoven's 5th Symphony. You’ve probably heard it before, you know, ba ba ba buuuum...ba ba ba buuuum. Yeah, that’s that one.



The rich, complex composition of this song is evocative of the heavy and bold jewelry that was made during the Georgian era. This ring is a great example of some Georgian era bling.


Georgian Era Ring


Victorian Era Music

Parlous songs were a popular way to entertain guests at parties during the Victorian era. Just the like Victorian era jewelry, parlor songs tended to be delicate and romantic in nature.


Victorian Engagement Ring


Written in 1884 by composer James Lynam Molloy and lyricist G. Clifton Bingham, the song Love's Old Sweet Song was a common parlor tune.



Art Nouveau Era Music

Composers during the Art Nouveau era made an effort to separate themselves from their predecessors. Richard Strauss wrote operas with raw and powerful melodies. His innovative orcestrations were in sharp contrast to the delicate and structured music that had come before.



Jewelry from this era is equally unique and is easy to spot. Realistic nature inspired designs from dragonflies to floral scenes were everywhere you looked.


Art Nouveau Pin

Edwardian Era Music

Elegance and fun, from music to the jewelry, the Edwardian era was made for the rich. This is the era of the Titanic. The music from this era is made for easy listening during a beautiful dinner on a yacht with dancing to follow.



That elegant playful style is mirrored in the jewelry from this era. Intricate details made from platinum were meant to be worn and admired.

Edwardian Bow Pin

Art Deco Era Music

The music of the Art Deco era is bold and different. Skirts were shorter and music was louder. Flappers were dancing the night away. It was a total change from anything that had been popular in previous eras.



The same bold and daring sensibility that you find in music from this era can be seen in Art Deco jewelry, with contrasting colors and sharp architectural designs.


Art Deco Bracelet

Retro Era Music

Purse strings were tighter during the Retro era, with the Great Depression still fresh in people's minds, but the economy was starting to look up. With the start of WWII, The Andrews Sisters were topping the charts with hits like Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.



While jewelry was starting to make a comeback after the Great Depression, platinum was in high demand for the war. Yellow gold became the metal of choice and less expensive gemstones, like pearls, took center stage.


Retro Era Bracelet

Mid-century Modern Music

Fashion and design were everything in the Mid-century Modern era. Movie stars were the height of fashion and woman were all about dressing like their favorite silver screen actresses with statement jewelry pieces.


Mid-century Modern Ring


Big name stars, like Doris Day, didn’t stop with film. They made their way into the music world and topped the charts.