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7 Beautiful Proposal Ideas That Are Unforgettable

September 01, 2016

One. Fire & Water

Couple On Beach With Legs In WaterThis proposal takes a bit of planning and maybe even some help from a friend, but it’s worth every ounce of effort. Plan a night out near a beach you both love...dinner, drinks, maybe even a show. After the sun has set, suggest a stroll down the beach. Have an accomplice light some candles along the path down to the beach. When you reach the end of the path have a bouquet of flowers waiting and get down on one knee.

Two. A Walk In The Woods

Couple Kissing Next To Pine TreeFresh air, beautiful vistas, maybe a babbling brook. Is there any place more perfect to propose than in the great outdoors? Find a hike you both love or pick a date to climb up a mountain that you’ve been talking about getting to the top of.

Three. Dream Vacation

Couple Sitting In Sand On BeachHave you both been dreaming of a trip to the English countryside or maybe you’re longing for some time in the sun on a tropical island? There’s never been a better reason to take a vacation than popping the question. Plan the perfect getaway and make it a vacation you’ll always remember by proposing when the feeling strikes. Just remember to pop the question on the first or second day so you both can celebrate and enjoy the rest of the vacation.

Four. Stargazing

Couple Kissing At Night At Snow FallsThere is nothing like looking up at a dark sky in the middle of nowhere and counting stars. Find a quiet grassy hill and let the starlight guide your proposal. You’ll both think of that night every time you look up at the star speckled sky.

Five. Love At First Sight

Couple Sitting On Bench Looking At Golden Gate BridgeDo you have a special place? Maybe it’s where you first met or where you went on your first date or the place you first locked lips. Recapture the night you made that special place yours. Once the memories are flowing and you’re both basking in the nostalgic glow, it’s time to pop the question.

Six. Life Is like a Box Of Chocolate

Pastel Box Of ChocolatesFor your next anniversary or special occasion, pick up a box of truffles or decadent chocolates. Replace one chocolate with the ring. Pick a place that’s important to both of you and when the timing is right, take out the box of chocolates. Forrest Gump was right, you never know what you’re going to get. It might even be an engagement ring.

Seven. The Perfect Proposal

Guy Giving Woman Piggyback Ride While They Both LaughWhen it comes down to it, every proposal is perfect and creative because it’s unique to you, as a couple. Whether you pop the question sitting at home on your couch or while strolling down memory lane, it’ll be a milestone you’ll cherish forever.