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Traditional Proposal Etiquette In The Modern Era

September 08, 2016

Traditional proposal etiquette involves asking fathers for permission, getting down on one knee, and giving your significant other a diamond ring. These traditions still certainly hold their place in modern proposals, but every couple is different. Traditions that work for some, may feel forced for others. Use this as a guide and for inspiration to do what feels right for you and your future life partner.

Asking For Permission

Young Man Walking With Older Man





If your SO enjoys traditions and is close with their family then asking a father or even both parents for permission may be the right choice. In some cases, a parent may not be the right person to ask, but there may be a friend or sibling you should ask. Or if you’ve never been a couple to follow tradition foregoing the ask, before the ask, may be the best choice.

Getting Down On One Knee

Man Proposing To Woman Next To Creek





Most photos you’ll stumble upon that picture couples getting engaged, involve one person or the other getting down on one knee. Traditionally, in a heterosexual relationship, it’s the man who gets down on his knee. Deciding to get down on one knee is now more a matter of personal preference. Do what feels right in the moment and you’ll make the right choice. 

The Ring

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A traditional engagement ring involves one center diamond set in a gold or platinum mounting, possibly with accent diamonds or details elsewhere on the ring. Today, engagements rings can be anything from a simple gold band to a large sapphire set in a halo mounting. There are an endless number of options. If you’re not picking out the engagement ring together and are worried you might choose the wrong ring, don’t worry. With options from year long return policies to temporary settings, reputable jewelers are able to accommodate a couple who wants to choose their forever ring after the proposal.

Purple Line

The Moral Of The Story

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how anyone else proposed. Know that your engagement story will be unique and perfect with or without the traditional elements we associate with an engagement.