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You're Engaged! Now What Should You Do?

September 19, 2016

Excited Woman

Step One, relax and enjoy.

Take a deep breath. Before you start thinking about what comes next, stop. Take a mental photo (and a real photo) of the place where the proposal happened, remember how you felt at that moment and enjoy the excitement that comes along with being newly engaged. Maybe even write down how you feel on a piece of paper to share with your spouse on your wedding day.

Step Two, spread the news.

The question is, who do you tell first and how? The solution is to make a quick mental plan. Decide who you want to tell, when you want to tell them and how you want to tell them. You may want to call a few family members and friends first, text others second and let the rest of the world know on social media. Make sure you have a plan of attack and then get ready for the flood of kind words and happy messages.

Step Two And A Half, are you ready for step three?

Once you’ve enjoyed sharing the news and taken as much time as you want to live in the moment that exists between planning a wedding and getting engaged, you can move on to the third step.

Step Three, pick a budget, venue, and a date.

Make a budget. Planning a wedding can get expensive quickly, so make sure you decide on your budget before you start booking venues and tasting cakes. Then pick a date. Ideally, you’ll start with a range of dates that will work. Then when you find the perfect place, you’ll have a little flexibility depending on the days they have available. With a budget and a few options for a date, you’re ready to go venue shopping.

Step Four, let the planning begin.

You’re now ready to start picking and planning all the details, the cake, the colors, the guests and a thousand other exciting things. Get ready for a whirlwind experience that will be full of love, laughter, tears and endless amounts of fun.

Couple Sitting On Bridge On Wedding Day