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Meet The Larkin

March 10, 2017

Meet The Larkin, the newest piece of vintage jewelry from Atique. This 10 karat gold Victorian necklace has a small charm on it that you can slide back and forth to your heart's content. This necklace is made for fidgeting. The slide has some awesome hand engraved details and a small rough diamond in the center. It's just an all around awesome necklace. You can get all the details on The Larkin here.  


Rather read? That's cool too. Here's the transcript!

Hey guys, Katie from Atique here. Today I want to chat with you quickly about the Larkin. So this is a new Victorian necklace that we just got in. It’s got a really cool feature on it that I love. I don’t know if you guys saw the kickstarter campaign recently for the little fidget cube, but this necklace reminds me of that and I’ll show you why. It has this great little slide on it and you can move the slide back and forth on the necklace. I don’t know if you’re a fidgeter, but I am and I think I could spend the whole day just playing with this little guy. The slide is also great because there’s some cool detail on it. So, it’s got some hand engraving and also right in the center of the slide there’s a small rough diamond. It’s a very cool unique piece. You can check it out now on AntiqueJewelry.com. Just search for the larkin.

See The Larkin

The Larkin Antique Victorian Necklace