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5 Reasons Women Should Buy Their Own Jewelry

April 20, 2017

As women, we’re conditioned from a young age to think that men are supposed to buy jewelry for us. We see ads on TV, read books, and see blog post after blog post about all the romantic ways men spoil the woman in their life with jewelry. Seriously?! I’m just supposed to wait to meet prince charming and then he’ll magically shower me in diamonds. That’s dumb! Yes, it’s great to get a gift from someone you love, but what’s to say you can’t spoil yourself? Here are the five top reason you should already be showering yourself with diamonds, sapphires, gold, and anything else you want.


Lots of women already do it

You’re in good company. A study in 2012 showed that around 50% of women purchase jewelry for themselves.


You’ll get exactly what you want

You can drop hints, create Pinterest boards, and send as many links as you want, but that doesn’t ensure you’ll get the exact piece of jewelry you’ve been dreaming of. If you really love something, you shouldn’t have to use morse code. The best way to ensure you actually get what you want is to just buy it.


You don’t have to wait

If it’s July 16th and your birthday isn’t until October 10th you shouldn’t have to wait for your SO to get you a pair of earrings you can’t stop drooling over. You can decide to celebrate July 16th and wear your new earrings months before your birthday even rolls around.


You deserve it

You’re an amazing human being and you should celebrate that every now and then. Whether you just turned 30, got a promotion, or just want to congratulate yourself for being you. You deserve to treat yourself.


You’re an adult, you can do whatever you want

This is probably the most important point. You’re an adult. You can do whatever you want. Say it with me this time. I’m a grown ass adult and I can do whatever I want. Whether you choose to go skinny dipping in Alaska in the dead of winter or buy yourself a diamond ring.