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From Me To Me: A How To Guide For Self-Gifting

May 04, 2017

Everyone loves getting gifts and we all wish we got more gifts. So why not do a little self-gifting. Why should you have to wait around for your mom, your SO, or your dog to give you a gift? As a side note, if you’re waiting for your dog to buy you a present, don’t hold your breath. Dogs are notoriously bad gift givers.

If you’re new to this whole concept of giving yourself a gift, it might seem like a very strange idea but don’t worry we’ll break it down for you.


When to self-gift

Woman holding pink rose wearing wedding ringThe first question you might ask is, under what circumstances would I give myself a gift? The answer... under any circumstance! Personally, I think Tuesday is a great reason to buy yourself something special. You made it through Monday, which is worth celebrating, and you probably need a little pick-me-up to get yourself through the rest of the week.

If Tuesday doesn’t feel like reason enough to buy yourself something special, graduations, promotions, birthdays, and work anniversaries are also great reasons to TREAT YO SELF!


What to self-gift

Vintage Aquamarine RingSo now you’ve got a reason to self-gift, and you’re wondering what to get yourself. This is the best part of giving yourself a present. Who knows what you like better than you? No one! What have you been drooling over lately? A leather bag, a pair of shoes, a vintage ring? 

When it comes time for me to give a present to me, I tend to go with the vintage jewelry option but I’m a little biased.

How to self-gift

Woman Holding Purple Gift Box With BowOnce you’ve picked a gift to give yourself, it's time to buy.

Next, wrap it up. Don’t skip this step! Half the fun is unwrapping the gift!

Once it's wrapped, hand yourself the gift, and open it up. Remember to act surprised when you open the gift. Even if you know what it is, it’s rude not to act surprised when you open a gift.

Last but not least, jump for joy. You just got the exact gift you wanted without having to drop any not-so-subtle hints.