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How To Wear Vintage Pins And Look Awesome Doing It

March 23, 2017

First, let’s start with a few simple ways to wear vintage pins.

Dress Up Your Coat

I love coats. Love them! They’re a big part of why I love fall. You get to pull all of your cute coats out of hiding and bundle up with an adorable scarf and a pair of leather boots. Oh fall, how I love you. As much as I love coats, sometimes they can feel a little blah, especially after wearing them for a whole season. Try adding a small (or big) pin to that coat you’ve been wearing for a few years. It’s a game changer.

Make Your Scarf Sparkle


The only article of clothing I love more than a good coat, is a cozy scarf. I wear a scarf almost every day. Spring, winter, summer, fall. I have a dresser dedicated to holding my scarf collection. And there is no better way to dress up a scarf than with a pin. You can add a pin for a cute pop of sparkle, or the pin can serve a purpose and help keep your scarf in place. There’s no wrong way to wear the pin/scarf combo.

Take Your T-shirt from drab to fab

Of all the ways there are to wear pins, this is my favorite. Maybe because it’s the least expected. Take a simple shirt (we’re talking a standard, single color, t-shirt here) and add a fun pin. You can wear a pin with diamonds if you’re going out, or do something super casual like this clover pin. I love, love, love the way this looks.

How To Look Awesome Doing It

The best part about wearing a vintage pin, is that it makes you look super trendy. It’s one of those things that people wish they could pull off, but don’t think they can. Here’s the great news, you can pull it off. Everyone can pull off an awesome vintage pin. So the trick to look awesome while wearing a vintage pin is pretty simple. Just wear the pin and I promise you’ll look awesome doing it. Look at you being all trendy.