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From jewelry cleaning tips to fashion trends, the potpourri section of our blog is a vintage jewelry nerd's dream. 

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Vintage Victorian Yellow Gold Necklace With Rough Diamond

Our Favorite Vintage & Antique Jewelry

We love every piece of vintage and antique jewelry that lands in our lap, but sometimes a piece just really stands out from the crowd. It's like certain pieces are just calling our name.

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Getting Engaged


Getting engaged is cause for celebration. It’s a huge milestone and the beginning of an exciting journey. There are also lots of unknowns that go along with the engagement process. From picking the perfect ring to sharing the news, it can all seem a bit overwhelming and mysterious. We’re here to dispel the myths, share the facts, and help ensure your engagement story is uniquely yours. 

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Antique Jewelry History

Antique Jewelry History

Jewelry has been around for a long time. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds of years. From the Georgian era through today, there are as many styles and designs as there are stars in the sky. Each piece of jewelry is a reflection of the history of the era in which the piece was created. We’ll help you discover each era, decipher terminology, and unlock the beauty of antique and vintage jewelry.

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Jewelry Jargon, Ruby Ring with Diamond Halo

Jewelry Jargon

With all the different jargon and terminology that's specific to jewelry, it's easy to feel overwhelmed if you don't know what everything means. The Atique jewelry jargon blog breaks down some of the different words you might come across while shopping. From filigree to right hand rings, we've got you got you covered. 

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About Atique

We try to be pretty transparent at Atique. From using real photos of our jewelry instead of computer renderings to our year long return policy, everything we do is about making sure your experience is nothing short of extraordinary and totally unique.

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