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Jewelry Condition Scale

Each piece of jewelry at Atique is inspected and given a condition. The condition of every piece is listed in the description. The pieces in perfect condition are labeled as "like new." Pieces that have received considerable love and show their age are labeled "fair."

Like New

"Like new" pieces are in perfect condition. They are in the same condition as the day they were purchased.


Jewelry that is in "excellent" condition has minimal signs of wear, which can be seen when looked at very carefully or under a microscope.

Very Good

A piece of jewelry labeled as, "very good" has visible wear and tear that can be seen with close inspection and without the aid of a microscope. 


The wear and tear on a piece of jewelry in "good" condition is evident with a quick inspection and can easily be seen with the human eye.


Pieces that fall into this category have very visible wear, but as it's often next to impossible to recreate a vintage or antique piece of jewelry with the same fine craftsmanship used years ago, we feel it's important to pass them down to another generation in their current condition.