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Sell Your Vintage Jewelry

Atique sells vintage and antique jewelry. So it stands to reason that we'd also buy vintage and antique jewelry. And now we do!

Through our partner, R.F. Moeller Jeweler, we're able to help you sell your vintage and antique jewelry.

With over 65 years of jewelry-buying experience, R. F. Moeller's knowledge and expertise regarding vintage and antique jewelry is pretty darn impressive. We'll make sure you get a competitive offer for jewelry and that you feel 100% comfortable with the offer before you part ways with your piece of jewelry. 


What can I sell?

Some of the items we buy most often are listed below. If don't see the item you have listed, get in touch! This list is far from exhaustive. 

  • Loose diamonds
  • Diamond jewelry
  • Swiss watches
  • Gemstone jewelry
  • Gold jewelry
  • Vintage coins
  • Designer fashion jewelry
  • Period jewelry

How do I sell my jewelry?

To get started call R.F. Moeller's vintage jewelry buyer, Jamey, at 1-800-328-1179 or email james@rfmoeller.com

Once a price is agreed upon and we have the jewelry, a check will land in your hands in about three days.

Simple.  :)

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