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The Truth


Atique Logo MarkMost jewelers advertise to men, but most jewelry is worn by women. What’s up with that? 


Jewelry stores, that are owned by men, advertise to men. Men then go into those man owned jewelry stores and they buy jewelry, which they give to a woman. Seems like we could use a few more ladies in that chain of events, doesn't it?

The truth of the matter is, women buy jewelry for themselves but as ladies, we're stuck shopping at stores that cater to men. Which is dumb.

And can we also take a quick minute to talk about how gender normative that is? Hey men, guess what? Women can buy jewelry for other women too! 


Atique Logo MarkThe Atique Difference

At Atique, we know you don't need a dude in your life to want to own nice jewelry. You know, because you're an adult and you can buy your own damn jewelry. 

Katie Jones, Atique Co-founderI'm Katie. I'm the President of Atique and I'm dead set on NOT catering to men. There are enough stores that do that.

Men want to get the jewelry shopping experience over with as quickly as possible, but if you're a woman who is anything like me you want to enjoy the experience.

So give me a call. We can chat about the jewelry you like, look for other options and just enjoy looking at amazing vintage and antique jewelry together.

Let's tell the jewelry industry who's in charge, Ladies. After all, who rules the world? Girls!



Atique Logo MarkShopping for jewelry shouldn't suck.

Whether you're shopping online or in a store, shopping for jewelry can really suck.

Shopping Online

  • Photoshop and computer-generated images make it hard to even know what you're buying online. From the moment you click add to cart until your purchase arrives, you're crossing your fingers and hoping your new piece of jewelry looks even remotely like it did online.
    (Atique NEVER photoshops files. What you see is what you get!)

Shopping In Person

  • Pushy salespeople can pressure you to spend more than you budgeted when they only have their commission in mind. Even if you go to a store where their staff isn't paid commission, you can still feel pressured to buy after taking up 30 minutes or an hour of someone's time.  
    (Atique does not work on commission. Our year-long return policy drives us to deliver you the best experience and jewelry.)


Atique Logo MarkShopping with Atique doesn't suck.

At Atique we take only the enjoyable things about shopping in a jewelry store and combine them with the best parts of shopping online. It's a win-win. 

No Pressure

  • We don't have salespeople. We have customer focused people, who aren't paid commission. Our job is to answer your questions and help you. Our job is not to sell you something.

Convenient Shopping

  • You can shop whenever you want. Did you wake up at 4 am with an urge to shop for your dream engagement ring? We're open! Shop when it's easiest for you and take as long as you need.

Quality Jewelry & Real Photos

  • We don't photoshop the jewelry on antiquejewelry.com. What you see is what you get. And because we only sell vintage and antique jewelry, you can feel confident that you're getting a quality piece of jewelry. If it's stood the test of time for over 25 years, it's going to last for many more.

Easy Returns and Trade-ins

  • With a 12-month return policy and lifetime trade-ins, you can be 100% confident in your purchase from Atique.


Atique Logo MarkOur Mission

If you're still wondering why you should choose Atique, I'll offer one more reason. Our focus isn't selling jewelry.

Our focus is inspiring people. From our truly unique products to our fantastic shopping experience.

Our mission is to inspire people to experience uniqueness.